Meet the Team

We’re a diverse bunch, with unique creative talents and specialities. We like to think that our differences make us stronger. We love what we do, but it’s pretty different to how we saw our lives panning out when we were kids...

Creative Director

Dan Borg

When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect; towering buildings fascinated me. It was an enduring vision; I went on to study architecture to degree level but after a few summer festival jobs I soon realised set design is way more exciting.

That was twelve years ago and I’ve working in the industry ever since, honing my craft as a conceptual 3D CAD modeller and set fabricator.

In addition to being Front Left’s Creative Director, I’m one of Boomtown Fair’s art directors and I manage the fabrication workshop.

I design and build the whole of Old Town for each year’s festival, so I guess I did achieve my childhood dream!

Project Manager

Mike Swift

When I was a kid I wanted to be a breakdancer. I’d just bought a tape compilation featuring Herbie Hancock and Run DMC with my saved-up pocket money and thought it was the best thing ever. However, it turned out I didn’t have any co-ordination, rhythm, strength or patience and there isn't exactly an abundance of breakdancing classes in rural Lincolnshire (there is an abundance of cabbages), so I went back to playing Nintendo. At least I had dextrous thumbs.

As an adult (questionable), my professional background is in FMCG. I learnt my trade at one of the Southwest’s leading creative agencies, managing integrated design and marketing projects for some of the world’s biggest brands. When not wearing my marketing hat I’m a musician, producer, writer, keen amateur chef and gardener. I still can’t do the Electric Boogaloo.


Lak Mitchell

When I was a kid I went to loads of different festivals with my family and it soon became my favourite pastime and growing obsession. I started putting on my own events when I was 15, so in a sense I'm now living my childhood dream! I’m a founding director of Boomtown Fair and see Front Left as a natural extension of everything we do at the festival.

There's no greater satisfaction for me than seeing the look on the face of a new visitor to the festival when they see the set and feel the atmosphere. It's this ethos that we carry forward into our work at Front Left: making people's lives a bit more fun. 


Chris Rutherford

When I was a kid I wanted to have orange skin, yellow gloves, a huge head of flame red hair, not to forget the sexy mauve leotard. It was Lion-O of course, ThunderCats Hooooo!

I co-founded Boomtown many years ago and never looked back. We’ve created an amazing festival and a thriving local company in Bristol employing an incredibly diverse team.

Through Front Left, we’re able to take all the work and passion that goes into Boomtown and spread it to other areas of life, to offer the kind of experience we love, to people who might never have seen or heard anything like it.