Front Left

Who We Are

We create memorable experiences.

Festival stages, immersive exhibitions, set for theatre, TV & film, brand activations, event décor, and bespoke signage solutions.

We combine the attitude and style of the UK’s simmering underground with the professional knowledge, skills and experience of staging an annual immersive festival for 60,000 people.

Front Left has a proven track record for pioneering set design, fabrication and event planning on a huge scale.

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Set Design

Big. Brave. Bold.

We’re bursting with ideas and turning these into extraordinary experiences has been getting us up in the morning for the last decade.

We design and fabricate set for festival stages, immersive events, experiential brand activations, retail and restaurant shop fits, film, TV, theatre and theme parks.

Our design always begins with an understanding of function: how we want people to feel. This core insight is the epicentre of everything we do.

Our studio uses 3D modelling techniques combined with exquisite 2D rendering to provide clients with accurate design plans and walk-throughs. We can design and make everything from a small prop, such as a single light box, to a whole festival district.

Nurturing only the boldest, bravest ideas, we continually push ourselves to innovate. From the dangerous, smoky back alleys of film noir China Town, to the rambunctious whiskey-laced underground of 1920s prohibition, to the crumbling seaport town, complete with full size pirate shipwreck, we’re at our best when we let our imagination run wild.



Turning Ideas Into Matter

We’ve been designing, building and installing the world’s biggest pop-up immersive festival set for over a decade. From carpentry to metal work, set painting to sculpture, we are talented, passionate and knowledgeable fabricators.

Our expansive workshop can easily accommodate the most ambitious creation and we hand pick the perfect build team for each project.


Large Format Printing

Endless Possibilities

With our state-of-the art flatbed UV printer we offer bespoke print including signage and often incorporate printed materials into our set design. 

We can print in full colour on virtually any flat surface including wood, perspex, metal, glass, ceramics and plastic up to 2.5m x 1.3m, which means endless design possibilities.

Large-scale print offers excellent results while remaining cost effective with a fast turnaround. If you have a specific signage or print requirement, please drop us a line. 

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Immersive Events

Leave Reality At The Door

Combined with our design and fabrication departments, we offer our clients an all-in-one themed immersive event solution for any occasion: Christmas parties, business events and weddings to name a few. We’re all-round experts in immersive event planning, with a wealth of knowledge gained through staging a 60,000 capacity immersive festival each year.

We devise, design, build, plan and run immersive events on any scale, from a themed wedding for 50 guests, to a giant end-of year shindig with catering, live bands, big-name DJs and 2000 guests. We have a huge network of performers and artists to enhance any event. We bring the energy and vibe of a world-class festival to your business event or party to give your guests an utterly unforgettable experience.


Brand Experiental

Get Connected

How do businesses with something to say, say it to the people that matter?

We believe the best way to do this is directly, on the ground, via fun, engaging experiences that make people react. Devising memorable experiences people will talk about: that evening, the week after, the next month, is what we do every day. Simply tell us whom you want to talk to, what you want to achieve and we’ll help you connect.

We understand the importance of making sure campaigns are cohesive and work towards your long-term strategy. Front Left has the benefit of offering a range of integrated services under one roof; we devise, design, build, plan and activate brand events making things much simpler for our clients.

We have a vast network of performers and artists who can be incorporated into and enhance your brand event.

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